The A-Team Drinking Game

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Drink when:

  • When George Peppard appears in costume or disguise, drink.
  • When Hannibal breaks out a cigar, drink.
  • When BA must be tricked onto an airplane (i.e. put under) drink 3 times.
  • When Murdoch is busted out of a mental ward, drink 4 times.
  • When the antagonist has an accent, drink.
  • When a jeep flips over, drink. (Lands on its side, once. Otherwise, twice.)
  • If the episode takes place in a foreign country, drink.
  • When anyone calls Murdoch crazy, drink.
  • If BA calls him crazy, drink twice.
  • Whenever Face woos a girl to get supplies, drink.
  • Face kisses a girl: drink.
  • Every time someone is thrown over the camera, drink.
  • If BA throws someone through furniture or a window, drink.
  • Whenever they bust out guns, drink.
  • If they use a grenade, drink twice.
  • When anything explodes, drink.
  • If a super vehicle creation involves a flamethrower, drink 3 times!
  • If a handicapped person appears, drink.
  • If a biker gang are the antagonists, drink. If they are protagonists, drink twice.
  • If any Battlestar Galactica reference is made, finish your drink!
  • When BA drives the van, drink.
  • When Murdoch flies a chopper or plane, drink.
  • If Col. Decker catches up to the A-Team, finish drink.
  • If BA says "foo," "sucka" or "chump," drink!
  • Whenever Face acts smug, drink. (Open to a lot of interpretation).
  • Any time the music is a variation of the A-Team theme, drink!
  • Drink whenever Murdoch switches personalities.
  • "To be continued" episode--finish drink.
  • If BA befriends a child, drink.
  • If the camera gets wet during a car chase, drink.
  • Any time the team finds a welder or oxygen cutter in an old shed, drink twice. (