The All in the Family Drinking Game

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Drink when:

  • Archie yells at any point
  • Edith scurries across the room at any point
  • Mike makes a liberal comment, twice if Gloria supports him, finish your whole beer if Archie agrees with him.
  • Anytime the scene is at Kelcy's bar
  • Archie lights up a cigar
  • Archie tells anyone to get out of his chair
  • Archie drinks, two drinks if he drinks hard liquor
  • Archie makes a prejudiced remark, twice if it's really funny
  • Gloria hits Archie, pulls his hair (chest or head), tugs on his fingers, or any other violent act
  • If Archie blows a raspberry at someone, twice if Gloria does, four times if Edith does
  • If Archie and Edith are in bed together, twice if Archie or Edith makes a sexual advance toward the other
  • Archie uses bad english "Why do you always misconscrew what I say"
  • Archie calls someone "Meathead"
  • Edith makes a new friend
  • Two drinks if Edith yells, three drinks if she yells at Archie
  • Archie gets upset at the Jefferson's next door
  • Lionel makes a crack at Archie, twice if Archie realizes that he's the butt of the joke
  • Archie loses money