The Cosby Show

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1 sip every time...

  • Cliff makes a bad joke
  • Sexual reference
  • Whenever someone returns home
  • Cliff wants someone to move out
  • Cliff and Claire leave the room out of anger
  • Elvin makes a sexist comment
  • Elvin has a horrible idea
  • Reference to child birth
  • You see a new sweater
  • There is a scene outside of the house
  • Theo tries to make himself look intelligent
  • Rudy says “Bud”
  • Cliff drags out his words
  • Vanessa says or does something stupid

2 sips every time...

  • Cliff eats something he’s not supposed to
  • Claire says something hypocritical
  • Claire threatens someones life
  • Cliff tells a symbolic story
  • Theo gets in trouble
  • Claire is a pry
  • A friend comes over
  • Cliff is unimpressed
  • Someone lies
  • Someone ELSE eats Cliff’s food
  • Vanessa says or does something not stupid

Finish your beer if...

  • Someone makes fun of Cliff’s nose
  • Reference to race, civil rights or heritage
  • At the end of the episode
  • At the point when the lesson is learned