The Little Mermaid

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Original Author Unknown
Original Location (No longer available)

Drink When...

  • Ariel finds a human thing.
  • Ariel gets into trouble.
  • There's a family hug.
  • Ariel is seen by a human while in her mermaid form.
  • Flounder tries to be tough.
    • But fails miserably.
      • Sip again and applaud if he actually succeeds!
  • Sebastian gets suckered into doing something.
  • Somebody feels like they don't belong.
    • Sip again if it ain't Ariel.
  • Ariel cautiously looks around before doing something she's not supposed to.
  • Males (of whatever species) act like complete wusses.
  • The weather mysteriously changes in a crisis / after a crisis.
  • A parent scolds a child.
    • Sip again if the parent ain't Triton or the child ain't Ariel.
  • Sebastian complains.
  • Flounder is terrified.
  • Ariel finds a human thing and calls it something weird. (applicable only to pre-human Ariel)
  • Ariel uses a human thing the wrong way. (applicable only to pre-human Ariel)
    • Gulp if she uses it the right way.
  • Ariel does something she's not supposed to.
    • Gulp if Ariel apologizes or admits she made a mistake. (!!)
  • Melody does something very Ariel-like.
  • Somebody doesn't listen to Sebastian.
  • Somebody leaps out of the water ala dolphin style.
  • Somebody laughs hysterically.
    • Sip again if it ain't a baddie.
  • Ariel saves the day.
  • Ariel cries.
  • Or somebody else cries.
    • Sip again if it's a male.
  • A sea witch does a tentacle maneuver.
  • A sea witch complains.
    • Chug generously if Ariel's hair actually gets in the way or gets tangled.
  • Somebody plots against Triton.
  • But Ariel ends up saving the day.
  • Sharks are the bad guys.
  • Somebody(s) is laughed at.
  • Somebody giggles.
    • Sip again if it's Melody.
  • Human are referred to as some kind of monsters or disease.
  • And Ariel comes to their defense.
    • Sip again if somebody else comes to the humans' defense.
    • Sip yet again if it's a character that is usually anti-human.
  • Sebastian gives a convenient recap of information.
  • A villain gloats.
    • A bit too much.
  • Allowing one of the good guys to foil his/her plan.
    • Chug generously if Triton is seen by a human when he doesn't want to be.
  • Somebody saves Eric.
    • And it's the sidekicks.
  • Flounder tries to be heroic.
  • Scuttle proves he knows squat about human things.
  • Ariel and Eric cuddle.
  • A villain claims absolutely power etc...
  • Somebody snatches the trident.
  • Somebody goes "Nooooooo....."
  • Ariel looks mighty fine for a mum.
  • Louis tries to kill Sebastian.
  • Clothes mysteriously appear / disappear with transformations from human to merperson.