The Mandalorian

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Take a sip

  • Baby Yoda is on the screen
  • Someone gets shot and killed
  • Someone gets their weapon knocked out of their hands
  • Someone says "Mando" or "Bounty"
  • Someone says "this is the way" or "I have spoken"
  • Bounty puck is shown
  • You notice its a hand to hand fight scene
    • Twice if you notice it is a different stunt double for Mando.
  • Any line thats a reference to the movies
  • Mando gets a flashback to his childhood

Take a shot

  • Mando partners up with another bounty hunter or multiple. Take another shot if he ends up killing them
  • Mando uses his flamethrower or grappling hook on an enemy and it is ineffective
  • Mando uses the whistling birds