The Muppets

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One Drink

  • Animal wigs out on the drums
  • Miss Piggy knocks someone out in a jealous rage
  • Miss piggy worries about her weight
  • Kermit says "Sheesh", "Yeesh" or something similar
  • Gonzo gets hurt/something happens to him
  • Statler and Waldorf make a bad joke
  • You can name something the guest host has been in

Two Drinks

  • Mrs Piggy knocks out someone other than Kermit.
  • Gonzo's nose gets twisted
  • A second-String character like the Sweedish Chef or Beaker shows up
  • A star makes a cameo
  • Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem make it through an entire song
  • You have no idea who the guest host is
  • Sesame Street cameo
  • The phrase "Pigs in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaace" is mentioned

Three Drinks

  • Gonzo's nose gets twisted and stays that way after being let go
  • The Sweedish Chef says anything that makes sense
  • Anytime you spot the Jim Henson Muppet