The Pioneer Woman

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Drink when:

  • There is a candid shot of cattle running around the ranch
  • Ree's kids are slaving away on the ranch
  • Ree mentions that she can't always "run to the store" since she lives on a ranch
  • Ree uses an ungodly amount of butter
  • Todd, Ree's youngest son, makes an ass-kisser comment such as, "This is the best thing I've ever tasted, mama."
  • Ree says to add "X" amount of ingredient, then adds, "I'll put in a little more"
  • Ree says "yum, yum," "yummy, yummy," or any similar variation
  • A commercial break is followed up by a shot of her family working on the ranch
  • Ree mentions that her family loves meat.
  • A recipe is described as "so easy" or "so quick"
  • Ree talks into the camera while driving
  • Ree eyeball's a measurement which is probably 10 times more than she says
  • Ree says, "I make/made this ahead of time"
  • Ladd, Ree's husband, makes an asshole comment
  • Ladd says, "This is good, hunny" or any similar variation while looking completely disinterested
  • Ree's father-in-law, Chuck, looks like he's about to croak any minute
  • Ree says something is “really complicated” when it’s easy – as if that’s a funny, clever joke
  • Ree says the following words: "Scrumptious," "luscious," OK, Now I'll just....,"
  • Any awkward appearance by either of her daughters, neice, or sister-in-law Missy