The Short Bus

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This is a good game for 3+ players, but for those who just like to party 1 vs. 1 is always doable.

You will need a deck of cards, multiple decks can be used. Game is best played with beer and liquor, so that you can incorporate all the drinking rules. At the beginning of each turn, deal a card face up to every player, who ever has the lowest card is riding the bus, and who ever has the highest is the driver.

  • Start the bus with the card that was dealt, it is up to the driver to decide if the passenger guesses red/black or high/low. (#'s in the middle work better for high/low)
  • The passenger does not have to guess correctly 4 times in a row, but cannot move to the next card until they answer correctly (the question stays the same, just flip the incorrect card over and flip another one)
  • Every wrong guess is a sip (beer or mix drink)
  • Any face card that shows up is a shot for the driver and passenger. (If one of the face up cards in stage one is a face card, the player it was dealt to drinks)
  • If the passenger guesses correctly the whole ride, the driver drinks (amount can vary by game)
  • Optional: add the jokers in and any time they show up shotgun a beer