The Wiggles

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Drink Once

  • Any one of the Wiggles makes the "thumbs up" sign
  • Any one of the Wiggles makes the double finger shooters move
  • Captain Feathersword behaves like a complete douchebag

Drink twice

  • Murray (the red guy) appears in a scene without a guitar
  • Anthony (the blue guy) seems to ad lib
  • Jeff (the purple guy) is obstructed in a given scene and tries to peek around the obstruction
  • The blond backup signer is featured
  • The guy backup dancer does a back flip

Bonus! Gain Wiggles Drinking Game Master Status by catching flaws/mistakes in the production. The person who catches a mistake has the ability to make someone finish their drink. Of course, this scenario not only assumes anyone would play this game, but that multiple people are playing which is highly unlikely.