The Mighty Boosh

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Drink when...

  • Noel/Julian are a character besides Vince/Howard
  • Vince is referred to as Howard's wife
  • Someone mentions how small Howard's eyes are
  • Bob Fossil attempts to describe an animal
  • Howard mentions jazz
  • Howard scats
  • Vince mentions electro, 60's or 70's music or Gary Numan
  • Anytime Vince joins a new band
  • Vince talks about hair (his own or anybody else's), or anybody mentions Vince's hair
  • Howard is ridiculed
  • Vince has to rescue Howard
  • A song happens, with or without music
  • Leroy is mentioned or seen
  • Naboo is high, or talks about being high
  • The moon speaks
  • Howard says, "Don't kill me, I've got so much to give!"
  • Vince says, "Alright?" "Get stuffed!" "Really?" or "What d'you mean?"
  • Any of Rich Fulcher's characters say, "A little to the left!"
  • A guest character asks, "__________? What is __________?" [e.g. "Yorkshire? What is Yorkshire?"]
  • Howard [or anyone] says "They call me the __________" [e.g "They call me the genre spanner."
  • Howard mentions Mrs. Gideon
  • Anyone mentions the show's budget
  • Vince is mistaken for a woman, or referenced to as being female
  • Any of Rich Fulcher's characters hit on Vince
  • You see Polo mints [don't drink for every one, though, otherwise you'll kill yourself in Hitcher]
  • A person is dressed as an object, eg. fire or naan bread
  • There is an animated story
  • Old Gregg mentions Bailey's
  • A real musician makes a guest appearance
  • The other Shaman are seen
  • Vince is seen in a Joan Jett jumpsuit or any other jumpsuit for that matter
  • Vince helps a character and is given a horn/pipe in return
  • Saboo gives Naboo a hard time
  • Vince takes on a new style [e.g. punk, goth, etc]
  • Vince changes clothes [be careful, this could kill you]
  • The Nabootique storefront is seen
  • The shaman talk about doing drugs or getting pissed
  • Someone talks about the crunch
  • A character makes deliberate eye contact with the camera
  • Naboo or Bollo mentions Naboo's home planet
  • Someone turns their back on another character
  • It is raining or snowing outside

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