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The rules (If the line has a *, then choose one if you want to drink casually, drink for all choices if your wanting to get wasted)

1 Drink-

- Ryan does his side stare or is in a beater*

- Seth is self deprecating or refers comics*

- Summer says "ew" "coop" or "Cohen"*

- Marissa says "Hey" or wears a skirt*

- Kiersten is called "Keke"*

- Sandy gives dad or legal advice*

- Julie is a bitch to someone or says, "family" or "daughter"*

- Jimmy Stutters/hesitates*

- Drink when they drink (if you want, drink 2 for Marissa and Kiersten)

- Drink when "Newport" "Chino" or "Orange County" is said*

2 drinks-

- Drugs are done (including pot)

- Someone cries - Bagels or Chinese is eaten*

- Captain Oats or Princess Sparkles makes an appearance*

- Social event is thrown (including parties)

- Someone walks in on intimacy

- Sandys surf or stoner references are made*

3 drinks-

- Physical fight happens (take an extra if Ryan is not in it)

- "The way things" were or "just friends" is mentioned*

- Julies past is brought up

- Cops or Jail shows up*

- Someone is clearly drunk

- Anyone is walking on the beach

- Someone not white appears

Finish your drink (or take 4, your pick)-

- Someone dies

- Someone in the story line is moving from Newport

- Ryans biological family shows up in the story line