The oc

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The rules

Drink every time someone says the following:

  • "The OC"
  • "California" (and yes, this includes the opening theme, I'm a bastard)
  • "Chino"
  • "Newport"
  • A band is mentioned (drink twice for when that band actually appears)
  • Someone mentions a drug or drugs

Drink every time the following occurs:

  • Ryan (Benjamin Mckenzie) punches someone
  • You want to slap Marissa (Mischa Barton)
  • Seth makes a pop culture/nerdy reference (comic books, movies, etc.)
  • Summer (Rachel Bilson) says "Ewww!"
  • Someone refers to Julie Cooper's (Melinda Clarke) trailer trash past
  • Caleb (Alan Dale) calls Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) "Kiki" or Julie "juju"
  • A Jewish reference is made
  • The show makes fun of itself (i.e. mentions "The Valley")
  • Someone cries
  • The Cohens' maid or Caitlyn (the little Cooper brat) appears on screen
  • A non-white person appears on screen
  • They actually go to school

House rules in effect:

  • Drinking (between Marissa and Kirsten alone, these people drink quite a lot)