The office

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Drink Once

  • Whenever Dwight makes a beet reference.
  • Whenever Dwight and Angela have a secret meeting.
  • Whenever Michael does something socially inept.
  • Whenever Stanley is shown.
  • Whenever Michael disses Toby.
  • Whenever Pam and Jim exchange a longing look (even if it only goes one way).
  • Whenever Jim plays a prank on Dwight (drain if said prank involves Jello).
  • Whenever Jim does one of those "idk" looks at the camera.
  • Whenever Michael puts the moves on a woman.
  • Any time Jan shows up (drink twice if it's after she gets fired and goes crazy)
  • Everytime someone says "That's what she said"

Drink Twice

  • Whenever any of Michael's girlfriends shows up.
  • Any time Andy is referred to as "Nard Dog"
  • Any time Erin is excessively perky
  • Any time Cecilia Halpert is mentioned/shown
  • Any time Kelly is shown relentlessly harassing Ryan
  • Any time there is an interesting conversation at the vending machine
  • Any time Michael references gender, sexuality, race, etc.
  • Michael mentions Jan's fake boobs
  • Andy mentions Cornell
  • Whenever Michael mispronounces a word (drain it if he confuses it with another)

Drain It

  • If Dwight tries to one up Michael (even if he's successful)
  • Dwight's cousin Moze is shown
  • If Steve Carell wrote the ep
  • Phyllis reveals something embarrassing about Michael in high school