Threes Company

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  • Says "Lordy Lordy Lordy..."
  • Makes a gay gesture to Roper or Furley (2)
  • Makes a sexual advance to one of his roommates
  • Does any sort of physical humor
  • Says "Iiiiiiiiiy!" (usually during a physical humor) (2)
  • When he moans/growls. (When things are not going his way.)


  • Says anything stupid


  • Apologizes for hurting Jack
  • Mentions UCLA or wears a UCLA sweatshirt


  • Mentions the flower shop
  • Says her full name (Janet Wood)
  • Somebody replies to that by saying "Would what?" (2)


  • Wears her nurse uniform


  • Helen refers to her lack of sex life
  • Stanley initiates sex (3)
  • Stanley makes fun of Helen
  • Stanley looks at the camera and smiles after making fun of her (3)
  • Stanley makes a gay reference about Jack


  • Wears a Hawaiian/floral shirt or suit
  • Mentions his brother Bart


  • Mentions the used car lot
  • Calls Jack "Jacko" or "Jocko"
  • Describes a date to Jack
  • Describes a date with Greedy Gretchan (2)
  • Describes a woman's body part as something else (2)


  • Refers to herself in the third person (e.g. Lana want Jack!)


  • Anybody says the word "platonic"
  • Anybody says "Strictly platonic" (2)
  • Any time there is a wacky misunderstanding
  • Anybody but Jack cooks
  • Anybody drinks alcohol
  • Anybody has a drink poured on them (2)
  • Anytime the Regal Beagle is mention (Everyone shout "Regal Beagle!" and do a social.)
  • Anyone mentions Rumania.

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