Tommy Boy

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Original Author Andy Snyder and Carol Albert
Original Location

Drink when

  • Tommy says "son of a"
  • You see his house
  • Tommy says "Shut up Richard"
  • Tommy says or does something blatantly stupid
  • Tommy suffers a head injury
  • Tommy scares someone
  • Tommy breaks something
  • Someone mentions "the loan"
  • You see or hear about Alcohol or drugs
  • Tommy refers to sports or tries to be a stud
  • Tommy sings
  • Tommy or someone else makes reference to mental retardation
  • Tommy talks to himself
  • Tommy repeats himself or others
  • There is evidence of the budding romance between Tommy and Michelle
  • The word DORK! crosses your mind
  • You see the Callahan logo
  • Every time Kidney-boy speaks
  • Anyone says brake pads
  • Tommy gives a speech
  • Richard's car suffers new damage
  • Tommy says "dad"

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