Tour de Franzia

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Le Tour de Franzia is a complex variation of "slap the bag" or wine chugging. Instead of having teams chug a box of wine the fastest, teams watch a custom-made DVD of the 2005 Tour de France and drink accordling. Just as there are 21 days in the Tour de France, there are 21 "days" in the Tour de Franzia. There are three drinking variations within the tour that mirror the actual race. For example, in the 2005 Tour de France, day 10 was a mountain stage from Grenoble to Courchevel. Therefore, on day 10 of the Tour de Franzia, players drink their wine according to the rules of a mountain stage.

The Stages

Time Trial- Wine is dispersed equally amongst all teammates. Everyone drinks at the same time.

    - The first player to empty their cup must place it upside-down on the table, and flip it right-side-up
    - The first drinker to flip their cup wins 1 point for their team

Mountain Stage- Wine is dispersed into eight shot glasses. Shots are taken in sequence one at a time. The next shot cannot be taken until the previous shot glass has been placed back on the table.

    - Every member of the team must take at least one shot
    - Whoever takes the 8th shot must place the shot glass back on the table and bounce a quarter into it
    - The fastest team wins 2 points for their team
    - The team that comes in second wins 1 point

Team Race- All wine is placed in one cup. Players drink and pass the cup in a designated order.

    - Every member of the team must consume some amount of wine
    - Once a player passes the cup, they cannot drink again in that stage
    - The 4th member of the team who finishes the cup must place it back on the table upside-down and flip it back over
    - The fastest team wins 3 points for their team
    - The team that comes in second wins 2 points
    - The team that comes in third wins 1 point

Rules and Regulations

Basic Rules

    1. Teams should consist of four players
    2. Each team must finish their own box of wine
    3. Approximately 8 oz. (half a cup) of wine must be consumed in each stage
    4. Any excess wine must be consumed in the final stage
    5. Each team member must participate in each stage
    6. Before a stage starts, cups must be resting on the table
    7. Players can start with their hands on the cup
    8. If possible, officials should be used to regulate rules and observe close finishes
    9. Officials and team leaders can resolve case-specific situations and change rules accordling
    10. If officials are unavailable, the Tour relies on the spirit of the game: be honest, be fair and regulate yourself and others

How to Win

    1. The team that finishes a stage the fastest is awarded points
    2. The type of stage determines the amount of points a team wins
      Time Trial- 1 point
      Mountain Stage- 2 points (1st place), 1 point (2nd place)
      Team Race- 3 points (1st place), 2 points (2nd place), 1 point (3rd place)

    3. The team with the most points at the end of the 21st day wins
    4. A tie results in a 22nd day

      - Teams must determine type of alcohol and quantity
      - Teams drink in the style of a Team Race
      - The fastest team wins
      - The race must be observed and initiated by a third party


    1. Team finishes a stage with leftover wine in their cups
      - Substantial wine remains in either the team cup or shot glasses
        Penalty- team is disqualified from that stage
    2. Excessive wine spilling
      - Knocked over cups or shot glasses
      - Sloppy drinking where more wine is spilled than drank
        Penalty- team losses 1 point from overall score
    3. Cheating
      - Every player did not participate in a Team Race or Mountain Stage
      - More than one shot is taken at the same time in a Mountain stage
      - Drinking wine out of sequence with the face
      - Any shenanigans deemed illegal by the officals
        Penalty- team losses 2 points from overall score
    4. Leftover wine after the final stage
      Penalty- disqualification
    5. Finishing wine before final stage
      - A result of poor planning and failure to understand the difference between the Tour and wine chugging
        Penalty- team cannot compete in remaining stages and cannot win anymore points
        NOTE- if all teams finish early, the remaining stage(s) can be eliminated or combined as determined by the officials


Day Type Points Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
1Time Trial1
2Team Race3
3Team Race3
4Time Trial1
5Team Race3
6Team Race3
7Team Race3
8Mtn Stage2
9Mtn Stage2
-Rest Day-
10Mtn Stage2
11Mtn Stage2
12Mtn Stage2
13Team Race3
14Mtn Stage2
15Mtn Stage2
-Rest Day-
16Team Race3
17Team Race3
18Mtn Stage2
19Team Race3
20Time Trial1
21Team Race3