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Original Author Kevin Carr
Original Location http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/features/drink-yourself-under-the-table-with-an-underworld-drinking-game-kcarr.php

Take a Drink Whenever

  • A lycan transforms
  • Selene's eyes change color
  • Someone or something is killed
  • Selene jumps or falls from a height and lands on her feet

Take a Drink When You See

  • A flashback
  • Creature POV
  • A new type of weapon
  • A gratuitous shot of Kate Beckinsale's caboose

Take a Drink When Someone Says

  • "Selene"
  • "human"
  • "vampire"
  • "lycan" or "lycans"

Chug Your Drink Whenever

  • Scott Speedman becomes not-Scott-Speedman

Original game reprinted with permission.