Venture brothers

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Drink Once

  • Dean and Hank do there trademark "Team Venture" thing.
  • Star Wars Reference
  • Hatred being a child molester reference
  • Dr. Venture mispronounces hank or dean's names (or forgets them entirely)
  • Brock calls Dr.venture "Doc"
  • Trianna appears (Only one shot per scene)
  • The Venture Family is in another country
  • The cgc (s/p) value drops
  • Someone makes reference to Dr. Girlfriend being a man
  • David Bowie reference
  • Hank or Dean show their ignorance (like when Hank thinks The Alchemist is transgender)
  • Johnny Quest reference
  • Every time Giant Boy Detective is mentioned.
  • Whenever any character in the show is drinking
  • Whenever H.E.L.P.eR. talks
  • Flashback

Chug a beer (& keep chugging) while Brock in killing henchmen

Drink a Nik-L-Nip whenever Jefferson Twilight pulls out his swords