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Take one sip

  • Every time a heated debate ends with "okay."
  • For each sighting of a blue folder. Two sips if Josh has it rolled up.
  • For each use of the word "thing."
  • At the start and finish of each pedeconference.
  • Whenever Latin is spoken.
  • Every time someone bellows their assistant's name.
  • For each "What's next?"
  • Every time someone quotes the Constitution.
  • Whenever someone is wearing one of the visitor's badges with the A on them.
    • Take two sips if any senior staff member or their assistant is wearing a badge.
  • For each usage of "jackass."
  • For each sports reference.
  • Every time there's a photo op.
  • Every time Leo / POTUS walk into the Situation room
  • Every time someone says "Battle Carrier Group" rather than "Carrier Battle Group."
  • Any time they refer to a bill by its number.
  • Whenever there's a reference to a musical. Two sips if it's Gilbert & Sullivan.
  • Someone uses a nickname like "Skippy" or "Sparky."
  • When one of the main characters is seen in the background.


  • Whenever POTUS brings the trivia.
  • Every time Bartlet refers to his political resume.
  • Every time Bartlet puts on his jacket in that cool way!


  • Every time Leo snarks the President.
  • Every time Leo yells for Margaret.


  • If Josh hold his pen/pencil threaded through his fingers.
  • Every time Josh says " 'Sup?" or " 'Kay."
  • Every time Josh uses a computer.


  • If Donna plays the role of Exposition!Girl.
  • Every time Donna ties or straightens Josh's tie.


  • If Toby has a yellow legal pad.
  • If Toby laughs.
  • Every time Toby has to be nice to somebody in the Roosevelt Room.
  • If Toby is throwing the rubber ball against the window.


  • Every time Sam has an idealist flight of fancy.
  • If Sam corrects someone that Laurie is a call girl, not a prostitute.


  • If CJ makes that lip-pursing. I'm-trying-to-figure-out-what-to-say-to-that face.
  • If CJ plays the role of Exposition!Girl.
  • Any time the Idiot Boys (TM March & Sen) are afraid of CJ.
  • Whenever CJ mocks Carol's inability to spell.


  • When she explains the numbers
  • Speaks aloud


  • Every time Charlie snarks the President.

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