Zombie Strippers

From DrinkiWiki
Original Author Kevin Carr
Original Location http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/news/movie-drinking-games-zombie-strippers.php

Take a Drink Whenever

  • A zombie is killed
  • A zombie growls or yells
  • Someone is attacked by a zombie
  • The movie makes an out-of-place political posture

Take a Drink When You See

  • Blood
  • Nudity
  • A rhino
  • Ping pong balls or billiard balls

Take a Drink When Someone Says

  • "zombie"
  • "stripper"
  • "Kat"
  • anything in a different language

Chug Your Drink Whenever

  • You see a donkey
  • A ping pong ball is shot out of an orifice

Original game reprinted with permission.