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(Sip when Lassiter is called Lassie)
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==Sip when Lassiter is called Lassie==
*Sip when Lassiter is called ''Lassie''
==1 Drink when:==
==1 Drink when:==

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  • Sip when Lassiter is called Lassie

1 Drink when:

  • Shawn uses his "psychic" ability
  • Shawn and Gus make fun of Lassiter
  • Shawn recalls his past *In the middle of the episode, not at the Beginning!*

2 Drinks when:

  • Shawn and Gus fist-bump
  • Gus's car is referred to as "Blueberry"
  • Juliet and Shawn kiss ;)
  • A pop-culture/movie reference is made
  • Gus flirts with the word "hello"

Finish your drink when you find the Pineapple in the episode!