The 3 Musketeers

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This one is simple; everything is one drink. :)

Take A Drink Everytime:

  • "All for One and One for All" is said
  • The red-headed wussy boy screams "D'artangen!"
  • The musketeers play Master of Disguise
  • In the opening credits when they flash the stars' names, you must immediately say who they play and the last person who says the character or cannot remember the name, must drink.
  • Everytime the scene looks like an Irish Spring Commercial you must say, "Manly yes, but I like it too."
  • Everytime D'artangen foolishly runs into a situation (ex. a battle, a conflict)
  • Everytime Cardinal Richelieu sneers
  • Everytime Aramis says "God"
  • Everytime the word "Musketeer" is mentioned
  • Everytime something is burned or blown up
  • Everytime there is a reference in words or gestures to Rochefort's missing eye.
  • Everytime Richelieu makes a pass at a woman
  • Everytime there is a profile shot of King Louis schnoz (nose).
  • Everytime the three musketeers names are mentioned together take three drinks.
  • Everytime someone is knocked off their horse
  • Whenever Athos looks despondent
  • Anytime Porthos makes a reference to a female head of state drink twice
  • Everytime D'artangen is challenged to a duel drink three times.
  • Everytime Aramis and Porthos touch swords
  • Everytime Porthos says something witty
  • Everytime Porthos whips out a new and neat gadget
  • Everytime someone screams/says "Save the King!"
  • Everytime Lady DeWinter has a snide smile on her face
  • Everytime D'artangen mentions his father
  • Everytime "Ugly" is seen or referred to drink/puke
  • Everytime Lady DeWinter pulls a dagger of some sort out of her clothing/hair.
  • Everytime the town of Callay is mentioned
  • Everytime the king's birthday is mentioned, Sing Happy Birthday.
  • Everytime a drink is taken in the movie
  • Everytume Tuesday at midnight is said
  • Everytime Aramis quotes literature (including bible) or poetry
  • Everytime D'artangen uses "the force"
  • Everytime the Cardinal tells the truth in the "rumor speech"
  • When you get turned on by the Countess DeWinter/D'artangen seduction scene, kiss the person on either side of you anyway you wish
  • Whenever Athos refers to Lady DeWinter as Sabine
  • Everytime Lady DeWinter throws a pity party
  • When Athos shouts "Save the King" in the last fight scene gulp your drink
  • The Cardinal's "You first" line
  • Everytime they salute using their swords
  • Every Butt Shot!!!!
  • When Porthos cries
  • Whenever you figure out the King, Queen, and Cardinal have an English accent and the Lady in Waiting is the only one with a french accent
  • Whenever the whole group of musketeers charge somewhere together