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Dance Moms Drinking Game

Take a shot if:

Abby screams at the girls

Cathy makes Vivi-Anne a human prop

Kelly curses at Abby

Abby yells at the driver

Melissa is a kiss ass

Abby dances

Maddy has a solo

Holly's doctorate is mentioned

If Kelly pulls either one of her daughter's dances

Take two shots if:

There is a costume issue

ALDC moms are annoyed by Cathy

Jill gives Abby a bribe

Chloe and Maddy have a duet

A mom cries

If somebody is put on probation

Leslie tries to start a fight

Holly complains that Nia is doing an ethnic dance

Take three shots if:

A solo places second

ALDC defeats CA

Apple Puns are made

Payton makes a snotty comment

Maddy is at the top of the pyramid

There is a prop in the group dance

Christi immitates another person

A teacher says "make eye contact with the judges"

Somebody scratches

Finish your drink if:

Any of the moms are drinking

Any of the moms or Abby says “I’m done”

Any girl forgets her dance

Abby cries, apologizes, or admits she's wrong.